Why eRelocation?

  • Cost Savings
  • Staff Efficiency
  • Convert More
  • "Best Fit" Placements
  • Go Green - Go Paperless
  • Ancillary Product Push/Reporting
  • Super-Easy Automatic Updates
  • Easy Collaboration


  • Web-Based Relocation Solution
  • Proactive customer support
  • Increased volume per staff member
  • Higher conversion rates / more revenue
  • Paperless Relocation Department
    • Complete document management
    • Unlimited versions per document
    • Public sharing via URL
  • Agent "Scorecards" to review results
  • Custom Reporting Included
  • Automatic updates - super-easy for staff and agents
  • Reassignment and Turn-Down Tracking & Reporting new!
  • Extensive expense management - by file, client, or globally, including invoice docs & check copies new!
  • Even import and manage internet leads, manage REO listings
  • Long-term retention of:
  • Mortgage, Title, Insurance, Warranty Usage
  • Timeliness of reports and updates
  • Inbound Referrals
  • Outbound Referrals
  • All documents
  • All notes and communications

Powerful & Comprehensive Relocation Department Management

eRelocation - Automate & Improve Your Relo Dept

eRelocation is the industry's most powerful and comprehensive Relocation Department Management Software. With a focus on conversion, service, automation and conversion, learn why eRelocation beats out all of the others!

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eRelocation - What's the Difference?

One Solution, One Simple Price.

No add-ons or licenses to buy - robust reporting included. Integration w/3rd party systems with minimal clicks. Fast, easy, secure. Proactive customer support. Unlimited users, including staff & branch managers (you specify access level to office level). Data conversion included. Extensive training included.

eRelocation - Paperless Relocation Departments

Take Paperless as Far as You Want To

eRelocation can take "paperless" as far as you want it to. Our "Attachments" feature allows you to store an unlimited number of electronic documents per Referral, each with an unlimited number of revisions, without prior versions being deleted. PDFs, Word Docs, photos - they're all in one spot.

Do More, Save Money

eRelocation ROI

eRelocation makes your Relocation Department more efficient. Management loves the accountability, reporting & tracking features, staff loves the time-savings of eliminating repetitive tasks.

What Happens Here...

eRelocation is the place to store ALL referral-related information. Notes that are easy to search. Integration with many many 3rd party sites (imports). Organize, store and email documents. ERCs, BMAs and other forms no longer have to be sent as email attachments, just click "Send" in Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).