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eRelocation API Now Available

We're proud to announce the availability of the new eRelocation API, which is now available to all eRelocation customers!

Several methods are available in the API, including:

  • The ability to add leads and/or referrals into eRelocation 
  • The ability to update referrals that are pending in eRelocation with "closing information" - close date, close price, referral fees, commissions, etc
  • The ability to pull referrals out in an XML format, with several pieces of criteria available 
  • The ability to add/update/deactivate agents & staff in eRelocation

If you have an interest in taking advantage of the eRelocation API, let us know! The documentation, the process of obtaining login credentials, and the API, are all extremely straight-forward.

Of course, with most vendors, there is the dreaded question of cost. We feel that the API enhances our relationship with our customers, saves them time, and as such, there is absolutely no charge for our customers to be able to utilize the API!