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Stay on top of your business - from any conference, or any beach!

Whether you're at the CARTUS Broker Network Conference this week, or the Leading RE Annual Conference, do you have ALL that you need to keep you on top of what's going on back at the office? Our customers do!

eRelocation includes document management and storage, built-in, for no additional charge! Store an unlimited number of documents with each referral. Whether you upload them directly into eRelocation via the website, or upload them directly from Outlook (yes, eRelocation is integrated with Microsoft Outlook!), it's so easy to keep all of your documents in one spot - where it makes sense! No need to call your staff to email or fax you documents, and definitely no paper files to bring with you. PDFs, Word docs, Excel docs, photos, and more - they can all be stored in eRelocation.

So wherever you are - as long as you have your iPhone, iPad, Android, or laptop - as long as you have internet access, it's as though you're sitting at your desk. Perhaps, a warm, sunny and sandy desk!